Tuesday, April 30, 2013

when jokes are not funny

i don't play around with my facebook  much these days. i usually check it when i cant't sleep at night or when i am bored. that's when i scroll the newsfeed and then, that's it. i rarely chat with others and update my profile as much as i did before. so when i updated my fb status last week, i was quite surprised when i got quite a lot of responses not only in fb, but a few concerned friends too, texted me asking whether i am ok or not. heheh. some even called and people at the office pun start asking. eheheh.

i did not plan for it to be like that pun. i was just quite under pressure last week since ada banyak sangat kerja at work and wasnt feeling really well jugak. so i guess, i was a bit sensitive last week when i get super upset getting commented that i don't love my baby just because i don't take some people's advice seriously when it comes to pregnancy and bla bla. i guess i can take it sometimes (though i know these people don't mean harm pun masa ckp those things) but lama-lama mcm annoying lah being told things like "eh, kau ni x sayang anak ke?" or "apesal tanak bla bla? kesian la anak nnt x sayang ke kat dia?"

haih. mana la ade org mengandung tak sayang anak dlm perut. ye dak?

so i think, people yang think they know a lot about pregnancy and kids should not really push others (especially expecting mothers like me yang tgh undergo hormonal imbalance.haha) into taking their advice. i've heard soooo many pregnancy this and that and as much as i appreciate those advice, i think i don't have to take and practice everything that i've heard kan.... i sometimes check with my doctor friends too and if they say there's no medical prove etc., why should i simply jump into the bandwagon?

look, i do sometimes get scared thinking something (nauzubillah) happened to us both (as i still have another 5 months to go) since i sometimes go againts some pantang larang and even not taking extra supplement all these 4 months carrying my baby inside.  all i take is what the doctors & nurses prescribed and that's it. i don't switch to prenatal milk but i still drink milk. twice a day. and the doctor i went for check up said that's okay but but but, some even tell me that i am not taking care of my baby & me much since i don't act like other expecting mothers do (like start switching to prenatal milk, taking a-z pills/supplements etc.)

thing is, i know myself. i don't like taking pills. and i don't take supplements religiously even before i got pregnant. but of course since i got pregnant, whatever ubat/pills i got from the doctor, the husband will make sure i take them at least before i fall asleep every night. so i think if i buy extra supplements, i am very very sure it'll be just a waste of money since i know i'm not gonna finish them.

but does that mean i don't love my baby enough?

sedih okay bila orang asyik cakap macam tu. hmm... nasib baik i have freiends and family yg keep telling me as long as i take whatever pills the doctors prescribed, i should be ok and the baby will be fine. insyaallah.

oh it rains almost everyday btw... i love rainy days. i love the sound and smell of rain. and i love the smell after it rains :)


dhiera said...

bersabar ye yunk..
as long as u amek acid folic, vit c, iron n vit B complex ok je.
macam kite ni xsuke susu. end up, terpaksa jugak la beli calsium supplemnt~

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