Wednesday, April 3, 2013

last week and recent crave

spent 2 days at the hospital last week and the next two days for daily check up but i finally gv up on the third day sbb dh malas urine test x lulus2. hahah. was warded for severe dehydration katenye. doc said it was stage 3 based on the urine test. i wasnt really listening as i wasnt feeling well and all i can think of is "nak tido, nak baring, nak termuntah" but husband was there so dia je lah dgr & borak dengan doc. and i lost 5.5kgs as of last week. (if i am not pregnant now, i'd sooooo gonna jump happily of course sbb fuyyyoooooo. lg ringan dari berat masa kawen. hehehehehe)

i was on drip the whole day and when the third bottle habis, they did another test but still, dehydrated. checked with a doctor friend, she said if i went to a government clinic/hospital diorg suruh balik and advise minum byk2, mkn betul2 je. but since it was a private one, the continued with the fourth bottle. so we had to spend the night there lah. sian husband. tido x nyenyak.

the next day parents came nk take over turn temankan as ecan has to attend an important meeting kat ofis. i was still on drip. too bad single room semua penuh so i had to share. unfortunately, orang katil sebelah xnak amek hospital food so her whenever her family visit, they'll bring lauk pauk and byk food for her and everytime they eat confirm daku muntah x ingat dunia. i cannot stand the smell of food in an air-conditioned room lah. even kat ofis pun kdg2 i end up tutup pintu bilik sbb x tahan bau makanan staff2 kat luar buat makan2... (and i cannot understand why they dont have that makan2 kat pantry je. haih)

doc wanted me to stay for another night but she allowed me to go home since she (and a few nurses and a cleaner) saw how bad i was everytime orang katil sebelah makan. haha. muntah like nobody's business betul. and since xde single room lg, she said ok lah i can go home but i have to come everyday to check my condition. so i happily went home but the vomitting is still there. up till today. they say it will stop once i reach my 12th week. but this is the 3rd day of my 12th week and i still have it. haha. hoping for it to end a.s.a.p

and ive finally have my pink book. opened one at the klinik ibu mengandung near mak's house and the next check up would be on the 23rd. but next week i have an appointment for my blood test. hopefully, everything's gonna be good, insyaallah.

btw, im craving for air kelapa muda. and teringinnnnn sangat2 nak makan isi kelapa tu. :( too bad semua orang tak bagi makan as i am still at an early stage. another thing is, i want tebu. not craving for air tebu, but the sugarcane itself. nak kunyah2 but some said it's not  good too. so i might have to wait lah for another few months.

im also guilty for not eating properly lately. poor my baby. i hope everything's ok in there. i sometimes skipped on my supplements sbb takut sangat muntah2 and sometimes sbb tertidur. haih.

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