Tuesday, March 12, 2013

a lot has happened...

since the last time i visited here.

1) am in my first trimester. couldnt believe it till we both went for a scan. hahah. doctor was a bit reluctant at first as we've told him we did like 2 upt at home so that should convince us enough, the doc said. but husband said he wants to see it to make sure it wasnt a false one so the doctor finally did :)

2) went for a week-long course in Kedah and otw home, found myself bleed. was super scared at that time but i didnt let anyone in the bus know sbb i was scared it'd make a scene. so i quietly texted husband (who at that time was away in JB for work) asking him to come home asap and fetch me once i reach my office and another doctor friend asking for her opinion bla bla bla (of course, her first reply was "go see a doctor now!" but haruslah kene tunggu smpai kl kan). alhamdulillah husband was there to pick me even before the bus sampai dpn office. laju gile kot lah drive. heheh. so we went to a clinic and the doctor did some check up and scan bla bla bla, confirming that everything's good. except that if i continue to bleed, i was only asked to rest. that explains my MC/EL the day after. heheh. she also said that if i only bleed once, that should be okay lah. just kene be careful sikit with my everyday chores etc. but if it continues to bleed, maybe something's wrong so she said she'll give me a loooong MC. huwagh. i sooo want that mc.

3) my version of morning sickness started kicking in the day after we got to know of the good news. but rather, i'd call it all-day-long sickness. i vomitted at least twice a day (maximum so far is 6 times) heh. and i seem to have lost my appetite as i found everything either x sedap or i simply couldnt stand their smell. and that has made me lost 4kgs so far but has started to gain those weight back, alhamdulillah. the last time i checked (last night), i still need another 2kgs to be back to my normal pre-pregnancy weight. sebelum ni, nak naik berat punyalah senang.. now, nk naik a few kgs pun susah in a few weeks. but problem is, whatever i eat, will surely comes out in an hour or a few after. confirm. heheh. even minum air je pun confirm termuntah balik. surprisingly, i dont feel hungry lepas tu. i guess that explains the weight loss. and i dont eat rice at all. tak suka. i eat lots of finger food je. i know, not good but those are the only food i can eat. yg lain, bau pun boleh buat nk muntah.

4) i sleep early everyday. am sure to be on bed by 9pm everyday. hahah. some days, i even fell asleep right after solat maghrib. and i get grumpy whenever husband kejut tanya dh isya' or belum and whether i need to iron any tudung or baju for tomorrow. sometimes he said i woke up betul2 marah tp terus begerak g solat & siap2kan baju. then terus baring & lelap nyenyak. heheh. i guess i really am that penat eh.

5) baby is due in october. a week after husband's birthday. he keep on saying that baby will come out early on his birthday. heheh. i secretly hope so. so that i dont have to buy you another birthday gift & cake heheh. that'd be the best birthday gift ever kan...

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