Friday, February 15, 2013

here comes the food photo journal

i think the husband's effort to eat more at home (becuase he said home cooked meal are more healthy) plus his effort on trying to have simple, no-rice dinner in the hope of losing some weight, has made me seen snapping sooooo many food photos. at which some i have to embarrassingly stop him from eating just so i can take a photo or two of the food. hahah. i guess he's soooo used to it by now that sometimes he teased me by saying that i am now soooo into the habit that it has made me cook mroe often. ceh.

well, i did it at first to just document the things i've bake/cook. more of like so that i remember which recipe ive tried and tasted good coz i keep them in my food journal. but lately, i think ive started joining the bandwagon of food photography. hihihih.

all because i think ive started to do this a lot more often too, when i or we eat out. dulu-dulu tak sangat but now..hahah. rajin sangat amek gambar makanan. but of course, i try as much as i can not to be noticed when taking photos of food i/m having when at restaurants etc. i dont use flash, silent the phone and try to be clandestine as possible. hee hee. but but but, a lot of times too, i find myself taking pointless pictures of food which later sit there quietly in the fon memenuhkan ruang.

i still dont take pictures of myself that much though. emmm, i do but i just dont post them that much online. maybe i'll start next year. heheh.

all pics are edited, of course and taken with my humble phone. highly edited that i think i should have better phone to take pics next time. heheh. 

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tiger teha. said...

*pengsan sebab extreme drooling*