Thursday, January 3, 2013

when words are not here

happy new year :) 

baked a few batches of rvcc on the first day of this year and had small makan-makan at atuk&nenek's.
cikin on fire we had the other day. grilled on charcoal taste better than oven baked to me.

two batches of the rvcc baked the other day too :) gonna bake something else this weekend insyaallah. lepas gian mem-baking. heheh.

i soooo cant wait to have our own house so i can have my own kitchen. i hope my cooking skill gets better by then. heheh. i can prepare simple western dish & obviously i love love love baking but malay food..hmm, must say i can only cook a few very very simple one je. 

oh well, am taking my own sweet time bloghopping as i can no longer fikir what to write in the strategic planning i am currently drafting. i dontch like it whenever writer's block is visiting. heheh. buat karangan kerja ofis je pun boleh ade writer's block. so i end up munching mini choc rolls i bought yesterday and blog hop hop hop. so whenever u have extra free time, extra free time saje ok, pls gimme some update okay tiger? hahah. me want to see more picturessss. i wish ur eyes are connected with wifi so can terus upload what u'r seeing/doing kaaaan. hahahahah.

haish. i dont eat much lately sebab suka2 je selera berubah & bertukar every  5 mins. and i dont take dinner much sbb dh terbiasa unless ada g pasar malam or singgah tesco/giant after work. lately masa lunch bila the food ordered sampai, i usually end up makan main2 and sibuk mintak food org lain. heheh. nasib baik geng ofis best2 x kisah share food :) but i'll get hungry again by 4.30 or 5pm. hence, the bekalan finger food yg sedap2. heheh. maybe, maybe that's the reason moi waitsline dh emm, run out of it's original shape? ;p hahah. nah, in my case, the waistline has always, always been good. it's the hips yg degil. (-.-)