Wednesday, January 16, 2013

of wednesday and the days before

so i didnt do any baking last weekend. too busy with other things & was a bit under the weather.

but did help the sister to make some homemade campak-campak pizza. ah. that will do. for ive been craving for some pizza but the husband asyik ajak makan tempat lain yg xde pizza so lama-lama lupe dh nk makan pizza.

elder bro's belanja. nasi kerabu/nasi dagang/nasi belauk the best (so far) at Haji Ismail & Hajah Minah Kelantan's. Medan Selera next to Pasar Basah Pelabuhan Klang. 

i think sometimes mak ajak makan sini just because this place reminds her of her working years kot. and whenever we're there, confirm akan jumpa a few of her friends yg have breakfast there too :)

le weekend mini project :)

and the homemade campak-campak pizza. to finish off the cheese supply we have in the fridge. dhnak expired pun.. eat straight from the pan. ngeheheh.

cant focus much at work as i am quite distracted lately. not good. haish. cant even let myself finish some tasks given. xde mood lak rasanya.

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