Thursday, January 17, 2013

but why?

i can understand that everyone has the right tp say/write anything they want on their personal online space. but why, must we write about things that seriously, like seriously abxgfdeudpop##azx2! why?

like saying how fat you are when you are no where near 2 digit clothing size... or like how small your eyes are when truth is, nothing's wrong with them... or like how much you hate the zits on your face because apparently, you think it makes you less pretty... or simply how much you've put on weight that it shows on your cheeks when really, nothing's changed. at all.

and no, i seriously dont think they (some of them) are fishing for some compliments. you know, like wanting some friends denying whatever they've said earlier and then complimenting bla. bla. bla. no. some of them i know memang not fishing for attention. but why the need to let soo many people know how you are not comfortable with yourself? i mean, komplen lah when you are among closest family or friends.. 

not because i think that is inappropriate, but it's just sad seeing/hearing someone pretty commenting how ugly/fat she is. like, we dont see siti nurhaliza & lisa surihani komplen diorang rasa x cantik sbb berat dh naik kan? and no, dont be skinny (or slim, as they say.bukan skinny katanya). let's just be healthy.

worst. when some dont even know how to take compliments. instead of saying "xdelah, dah gemuk ni..." or "ehhh? ni jerawat naik banyak dah ni.." when i tell you that you look pretty, why dont just say thank you and smile. that should be enough :)

but then again, it's their own space so they can say/write whatever they want. and that's the reason i have always hmm... shrug it off, smile and move on.

p/s: dear tiger, one of the many that ive mentioned in the mail

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tiger teha. said...

hahahaha totally brillo!!