Thursday, January 10, 2013

another day to the weekend

yayyyy. ngeheheheh. i soo cant wait for weekends lately. tak tau lah nape. maybe coz i cant wait to bake & cook kot. ahahahah. so therapeautic. and definitely wont make the husband bising for having to teman me walk around for that dose of window shopping while burning some holes in his wallet. kihkihkih.

so last weekend was spend baking & cooking. i dont always cook since we both dont hv our own place yet. and when staying with parents, food comes together with the acommodation lah. heheh. just that when at the in law's, the maid does the cooking & when at my place, the mother & sister in law do all the cooking. but yours truly was asked to prepare lunch last sunday as no one was at home. wanted something beefy but was rajin enough to go out and get some to cook. so ended up with le chicken soup. malay style. eh, siam style. heheh. semangat tanak buat sup ayam biasa sampai google2 recipe. aaaaaand, it was worth the googling & reading all the recipes. heheheh. so here's my version of Sup Ayam Hatyai.

. syaza nadiah kata "sup sayur". eheheh. sbb ayam nmpak sipi2 je. recipe from kak zila's here

glad that the husband said "sedap. boleh bukak kedai ni"
hahahhahahahahaha ;p
and my SIL & mom pun said ok. just that my mak is not that into food yg masam-masam.

and for dessert, it was carrot cake made on Saturday, iced on Sunday. heheh

recipe's from em... a baking book i bought a few years ago. 

on a different not, me & husband went to Setia City Mall konon2 nk chek winter jacket at H&M and uniqlo. but end up we both didnt get anything sbb malasnyeee nak beli. lgpun we both ade je jackets for autumn/early winter. just that it'll be sub zero degree the whole week tu. hahahah. lagipun i dont feel like buying 'em here. maybe gonna buy when we are there kot. pre-depature, just layer myself warm enough as suggested by moi tiger. the thing is that, once we touch down je, terus gerak g jeju island. agak2 jeju ade x jual winter jackert secara lambak dan longgok mcm seoul? heheh. i hope so. if not, have to wait for a few days baru gerak g seoul br beli. heheh. tapi takkaaaaaaaanla xde kaaaaaan.

well, everything's good at work. started to take the train to work. no complaints yet as the new komuter mmg agak selesa lah compared to the old  ones. but but but, the past 3 days kenape tah the train lambat 10 mins that the usual. haishhh. mampukah daku menukar waktu masuk kerja ke WP2 starting next month. kalau train tidak boleh diharap seperti ini?

btw, i am still contemplating whether rainbow cake or choc moist for this weekend's bake. 

ps: pictures are of course edited as im using a stone age kind of hp. heheh.

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tiger teha. said...

vote: rainbow cake! cream cheese frosting!