Monday, December 31, 2012

crazy internet

this was supposed to be out last week, on friday. before i had to do something and then the internet gone crazy, again. ngehh.

i guess apart from the question "dah ada isi ke?", another question newly married couples have to answer is "duduk mana sekarang?" heheh. that wasnt as annoying as "kenpa tak duduk asing?. kan elok baru kawen duduk sendiri..." heheh. wasn't that annoying actually but imagine being asked and told almost the same more than once a day. ngehhhh. not something nice jugak kan. but come to think of it again, the question of baby lg mcm hmm hmm hmmmppfffh. heee.

internet at the office was crappy since last week sampaila yesterday. alhamdulillah it's better today. kalau tidak, nak load one single page pun kene refresh byk kali or let it be for a while baru la dpt bukak the page. and since we are staying with the in laws on weekdays now, xde mood nk go online at night. ahahah. 

so, it's the last week of 2012 already. cepatnya masa berlalu. 

i just hope 2013 will be cheerier (sounds like ceria hahah. but yes, ceria too.) than 2012. 

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