Monday, December 31, 2012

of today, the last day of 2012

the last day of 2012 is also the last day i can bersenang-lenang at the office, doing things (a.k.a work) at my own sweet slow pace while surf or play with my hp ehehheheheh.

i sometimes wish my boss takes more long leave so i can play around while trying to finish the things he left dengan pesanan "nanti aku balik report kat aku" or "nnt minggu depan kita duduk & bincang sikit lah".

but i havent even finish this one yet. heheh. suruh i buat buku pastu internet the whole last week not functioning. haruslah buku sekerat jalan saje. i mean, write up insyaallah dhnk siap but to design & put nice pictures semua....heheheh. i blame the internat we had last week at the office, boss. hehe.

eh, i wasnt like this everyday tau. some days i even balik malam, some days balik lewat sikit, some days tidur x tenang sbb merisaukan kerja ofis. heheheh.

nak isi HRMIS pun tak menjadi lagi. heheh. lembab lambat sangat lah. but ehem, rumours say that they've extended tarikh pengisian lnpt till march 2013. heheh. lamaaaa lagi.

and today is also the last day of being able to drive to the office dengan tenang. but this morning, ecan drove me since he has some errands in KL so gerak sekali je lah. come wednesday, im sure im not gonna drive anymore. komuter will be my best friend lah. and next wednesday too, im gonna be waiting and wishing for school holidays to come quick so that i can drive to work dengan tenang dan aman tenteram again.

mak & abah planned to go to UAI ceramah at shah alam as they said there'll be solat jemaah ramai2 and ceramah but the husband and i think we both need a night in. but i just texted him a few mins ago to check if he's rajin enough to pick me up at my office coz i is lazy to naik komuter today. and ayat pancing ku seperti biasa adalah "maybe we can have dinner somewhere?" heheheh.

am planning to bake something tomorrow so i hope i got everything i need sebab i know im gonna be too lazy to go out tomorrow.

well, happy new year :) i hope the new year brings more happiness for each of us, insyaallah.


tiger teha. said...

what did you bake? (read: what did i miss?)


maryaaaaaaa said...

gonna bake you the same when u get back!

tiger teha. said...

ish if possible esok gak aku balek. grr grr. heheh.