Wednesday, December 19, 2012

i love my MUA so i just had to have this one

i love my nikah make up and i love my MUA. heheh. i was with Safura from NS Creation (here) mulanya but she had something and she helped me to get Farah. thanks safura :) safura was an old friend anyway, so i wasnt too worried as i usually am not comfortable with new people. hehe.

but i was too busy thinking of other things than to worry bout this change a few weeks before my nikah. but alhamdulillah, Farah was seriously good. hehe. i like how she didnt boss me around and didnt even mind my friends running here and there in my room, helping me panicking for the hantarans & my baju, tudung etc. while she was doing her job. and she certainly did not mind letting the girls touching me and asking her to stop for some pictures. and for someone yang dont wear make up everyday and hate thick make up, i seriously love her make up that i feel like i was at my prettiest that day. hehe. super smooth and super thin. hehe (walaupun tebal sebenarnya)


pics are not edited. too lazy. and i am even lazier to go get the official photo cd to get pictures. heheh. malassss.

thank you Farah :)

go get her here. trust me, she's good and she's fun to be with. :)
or call her at 012-9291113

p/s: dont worry about your budget. she wont burn a hole in your pocket. trust me, i was a bride with a super tight budget. and i am still a cheapskate. but i can still afford her :) hehe
got questioned a lot from friends kat fb bout my MUA and ive passed her number to a few friends yg looking for MUA for themselves or their kakak, adik etc. and i definitely will work with her again for our next photoshoot. hehe.


teha. said...

sumpah aku kene google MUA tu apa weh! hahaha.

maryaaaaaaa said...

cessttt. ahhahahahahahha. xpe xpe *pat kepala* ;p lol!

SuperJoner said...

Aku pon tatau mua tu pemende.kampong aku aku tau la