Thursday, December 20, 2012

house hunting

when the wedding was over, i thought phewwww, finally can sleep in during weekends and dont have to worry bout anything else. tettttttttt.

we have both agreed to stay at both parents' home bergilir-gilir for a year before we settle on ours. but i wasn't really keen on this idea so ive started bugging him with the idea of having our own place even before the wedding. heheh. i want my own space, my own kitchen, my own bedroom, my own toilet, my own living room, my own small garden. keh keh keh. gaya seperti tak mau ecan join in deciding the house deco & stuff jeh ;p

but he keeps telling me "ok. we'll see." or "ok nanti kita cari ye" so i mula lah ajak dia to stay at my apartment and ask the tenant to move. but he refused. ceh. poyos sungguh x mau duduk apartment sebab tak ada tanah mau bikin rabbit & cat cage. nasib baik dia x mention nak bawa doggy along. but i can understand his argument lah juge so it's better to continue sewakan the apartment and look for other house. 

so we started looking. emm, dah 4 months nih. still, we couldnt find one that suits both our pocket & citarasa. heheh. there was one yg i was really really hoping to get but ecan tak suka pulaaaaaa. pffffhhhtt. and another one we both sukaaaaaa & seriously fit our budget but we are put on the waiting list in case ada buyer yg bank loan x approve. hmmppfffh. seperti tak mungkin saje :(

most of the times, the ones we like, our pocket pulak dontch like.
the one our  pockets say yeahhh, we both lak say nay

and so we have been spending almost every weekend to call & make appointments with agents and pusing-pusing any residential areas we both like to see if ada any houses for sale. penat wooh. penat. and sometimes i even end up being cranky enough to start picking small fights. next week we gonna have another one to check and i know ecan is hoping we'll get this one. but chances are not much. coz the one's we gonna check next week ni have to go through lelong process. so i am not gonna hope too much. 


teha. said...

syaja aku baca horse hunting --"

maryaaaaaaa said...

emm... mungkin kah deja vu di masa depan mmg akan ada tulis "horse hunting"? ;p

teha. said...

husband better be prepared. haha. add stable to rabbit and cat cage.