Monday, October 15, 2012

of the night you left

the next day was our bertandang. but since everything was done by petang tu, we thought of going to the airport. but terlepas cakap to ecan that your mom wont be there n u said u dont wanna make her feel bad for being absent when your friends are there, too. so ecan pujuk not to go. so he made me bersiap pakai lawa2 konon duduk2 tgk all the preparations though there's nothing much to be done pun. just some family & friends dtg lepak2 and finally we all went to a neighbour's open house till late.

and thought that it wont bug me much tapi when i was putting on make up, gedik gila suddenly the emotion went haywire. cis. tetibe lajuuuuuu je ayaq mata mengalir. and then stop. put on make up again, then sebak gile tetibe. haish. wasnt easy okay to put on make up when you cry on and off like that. it's not that feeling yg sad, sad... but knowing that someone u love is leaving for a few years is quite hmm, sad. and i dont really have that many friends yg i found myself crying for. ha hah. so you are one of the lucky ones, i guess. but deep down (ceh!) i know this is something yg you deserve. something worth pursuing. and i knowwww that we will still talk to each other though separated thousands km away.

and true that! kan :D btw, i super duper love your room. everything white & lavender in it. the comfy tilam. ugh. your apple tree.. hahah. i hope to be there the day they pronounce you Dr. :) help me save some moneyyyyyy :/

us in his parents' nikah dress, the night u left

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teha. said...

i so dig the colour combi! what a brill genius!

p/s i love you!