Monday, October 15, 2012

of the gifts/hantarans :)

we both agreed to exchange gifts yang we definitely will use together. but us being us, we like to wait till the last minute lah kan to go get everything ready. so we didnt get to buy one for each of us to be put on the dulang. 

some for her
MIL recycled the foam base i used masa engagement last year since the one ecan bought x sesuai. heheh. i like the colour combination. off-white & green. was ecan's idea. sejuk mata memandang :) 


and some for him :)

did the hantaran deco at the very last minute. some friends cant make it awal so had to do it on my own with some cousins' help. haish. drama betul kalau ingat balik :D

flowers for him are from floristika. booked the flowers 2 weeks earlier since my solemnization was on Merdeka. takut habis bunga ;p
and took it from the florist a day before the nikah. bukak the roses' net a bit too late i guess, they didnt get kembang enough hehe. sebab terlupa hehe.

so future kids, these are the gifts your parents exchange on their solemnization. make sure you get your spouses better ones eh ;p hehe.

for him:
cincin & sireh
halwa betik
nikon V1
perfume set
bunga rampai

for her:
cincin & necklace
duit hantaran
chocs & cookies
kain sutera batik

the ones we planned to have but x sempat beli was a pair of kasut for her & a pair of jeans & shirt for him. ngehh. smpai skrg pun x g beli2 lg. hehe. i guess it wasnt meant to be kot. hehe


teha. said...

bunga apa kale ungu, long petals tu? looks like a dream! did u choose it?

maryaaaaaaa said...

yeaappp! the first time i saw masa went survey tu terus decide nak pakai the purple one. heheheh. forgot the name. nnt aku try tgk in the receipt eh. hehe

teha. said...

apa daaa lupe. hahaha.