Friday, October 19, 2012

morning eating rituals

instead of applying makeups or touching ups the tudung and baju etc., i usually eat masa stuck in traffic jams every morning. heheh.

yours truly here is a morning person. that is until she got herself married to ecan. susah bangun pagi sebab jelous tgk ecan still nyenyak tidur boleh bangun lambat. haish. heheh. 
i used to have time to sit down & have proper breakfast at home before leaving for work. but now, it really is quite difficult to sit down & eat so i usually have my breakfast in the car. 

since i leave waaay earlier than ecan everyday, (i usually leave at 6.45 paling lambat and ecan leaves at 7.30 am) so i will usually prepare his breakfast & nescafe and pesan siap2 what to eat before leaving the house. we only have weekends to have breakfast together as for now. i hope by next year sempat lah nk at least have some coffee & tea before leaving our house every morning :)

while the husband can still lepak and have his breakfast at home sambil baca yesterday's newspaper, (this is very very very rare. usually when i leave home, baru lah dia siap solat subuh & konon2 nk send me to the door ;p) the wife dah bersiap sedia nk menempuh the traffic yang unpredictable. some days sikit je jem, some days mmg all the way jam. ugh. what else to do when you are stuck motionless on the road other than singing to the radia & eat. heheh. it's a lot easier with nuggets, karipap and other finger food sbb easier to handle utk makan masa traffic jams. but we do have mee, mihun, nasi goreng, lontong etc. but if lontong tu, had to skip the kuah lah :( kalau tumpah atas baju kang satu hal pulak kan.... heheh. sometimes i can see other drivers kat sebelah2 tu tersenyum tengok i makan suap pakai fork&spoon bagai masa jem ;p but i need to feed my tummy. got gastric lah. kang sampai ofis tetiba bos panggil dah x sempat makan susah lak. hehe.

some pictures taken to show ecan sbb dia tak mau percaya i can eat & drive. and of course, will get an earful from him sebab x concentrate driving ;p

i had to lah... hehe. 


teha. said...

semua gambar tuka food dan baju je. steering wheel dan seatbelt, sama. hahaha.

maryaaaaaaa said...

heyyyy harus lah! kalau tu pun bertukar, hmm hmm..maybe lunch pun kene tapau dr rumah, and no dinner kat luar terus ;p