Friday, September 28, 2012

that feeling :D

ngeheheh. you know that awesome feeling you have when u get to prove that you are right? heheheheheh.

the thing is, ive been asked on my refusal to have any Al-Quran or religious books/kitab for our hantaran a lot of time. a lot. i think it is sooo common for Malay Muslim brides & grooms to exchange Al-Quran as hantaran masa engagement or nikah kan.. so that's why the many questions.

and everytime jugak i told the same thing. that i dont feel right putting Al-Quran  as a hantaran as it will be displayed, and i dont feel right displaying Al-Quran yang for sure will be decorated with flowers and what not.

it is not simply because i dont want it to be as gifts and not be used later (as i believe happened to many Quran yg were used as hantaran). eh, but i still believe there are lots of married couples out there yg solat & read quran together, x kisah lah the quran was once a hantaran or not. (you have my respect! i sooo want us to be like youuu awesome people :D ) and i believe banyak juga stories you can find on the net about giving quran/buku agama as hantaran and then they are left unused after the wedding. but this is not the only reason why i dont wanna have one in my hantaran.

apart from not wanting to display a prettily decorated Quran/religious books/kitab, i dont feel right having to put them on the dulang/boxes which normally be put on the floor kan. and of course it will be put on the same floor, same dulang. so, i dont feel right that i have to put my Quran/kitab at a place lower than me. Ive been taught that i should never put my Quran at any place yg lower than my rear back. so if it is put on the dulang, on the floor, what happen when both bride & groom duduk atas pelamin? and ive seen in a few times where people use kain lah, tudung lah nak betulkan the Quran's position atas dulang masa dia nak terjatuh. mcm sedih je tgk..

so, when i was browsing the net to look for ideas to put into my proposal just now, terjumpa this one blog where she shared that Ustaz Don pun x use Quran as hantaran because of the same reason i have. xnak put Quran on the same level we are seated. heheh. soooooo, tetibe rasa belagak sbb there u go... kan dah kata Quran elok dielakkan as hantaran :D

but seriously, i do understand some brides & grooms want to have it as a symbol of a new beginning kan.. it is just that the way the Quran is treated masa di atas dulang tu yg i concern. maybe the Quran should be put on a separate place masa susun2 hantaran tu kot.. :D just an opinion. and make sure the one handling it sentiasa berwudhu' :)

but i believe that Quran as wedding gift/hantaran bukan compulsory kan... so if you think you can't handle it right, better elak lah dari bg as hantaran. just sayinggg~

p/s:i wish my proposal can write itself and present itself. huishhhhh

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