Monday, September 10, 2012

i can never thank You, you and you enough


it went well. am still adjusting though it's been a week and a day. heheh.

we did't have it without any glitches here and there but still, i think the moment we both are done, we just couldn't care much :) well, i still do but oh well.. ha ha

we both are still busy with the bertandang preparation. hahah. more like busy attending open houses & wedding invitations kot. and i am somehow glad we decided to have the bertandang 2 weeks after the nikah so sempatla bernafas la sikit :)

ah and the mother in law asked us to change our baju bertandang to suit the new theme colour. heee~ i like the new one better ;D


orked violet said...

dear, sweet La pic niee...

congratz!! =)

maryaaaaaaa said...

thanks :)