Wednesday, September 19, 2012

back to reality

ever thine, ever mine, ever ours

been almost 3 weeks after the wedding and i still cant adjust my time well. we both still ulang-aling both parents's house for the time being. and looking for our own juga, but we still couldnt find one that suit us well yet.

i didnt take loooonggg cuti for my wedding as others usually do. coz ecan's reception was 2 weeks after the mine. and then this week am taking another 2-days leave sbb the parents are leaving for Haji tomorrow. so i'm taking like 2 days leave every other week. and next next week another leave lagi since nk siapkan projek csr & settle my car's insurance. so a bit penat & letih having to run here and there. helping the family to kemas2 barang and put everything back in place, helping the in-laws too, packing & unpacking our stuff kat rumah and at the in law's, helping the parents preparing their barang for haji, aaaand at the same time neighbours, family and friends keep coming to visit the parents. huwagh. letih.

come oct., hv to take leave for our short holiday. heheh. tu pun we are still unsure since ecan doesnt have much annual leave dah. worse come to worst mcm kene cancel and burn the flight tix je kot.

november pun another leave for jen's wedding in singapore. huwaghhh banyaknye cuti. mcm doesnt look good on paper dah ni. but what to do kan.

oh and last week, 2 good frens left. and i didnt get to say goodbye at the airport. i wish u both well :)

and for youuu, i have a story to tell. the story of what happened the night u left. hehe. kene wait for me to transfer the pics from our camera then baru leh put it here and cerita. hehe.

speaking of the camera, i think i am going to get a better phone with a better cam sbb i am too lazy to transfer the pictures in the cam so mcm uselessnye amek2 gamba byk2 pun tersimpan je in the cam. heheh. ain is suggesting ip5. x so sure yet but an ip4s pun i dont mind ;p

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