Tuesday, September 25, 2012


before i start getting my hands full with the paper works today, i'd like to share this here. easier for me to get back to it when i talk bout it with ecan & some friends. heheh. you can read it here

You walk the talk first By MARINA MAHATHIR

The Government wants us to change our lifestyles to cope with inflation. It is easier said than done since most people were having it difficult even before the hikes. The Government must first set an example by doing things it should have done l…ong ago.
WITH the recent hike in fuel prices and the Government’s exhortations for us to change our lifestyles in order to cope, may I provide here some suggestions for the Government and those who work for it to “share our burden”.
1. Stop having meetings, especially out at resorts, far enough away to be able to claim transport allowances. Have online meetings instead or teleconferences. Use Skype or chat.
2. No need to order special pens, bags, T-shirts, notepads and other goodies for those same meetings.
3. No need to order kuih for mid-morning or teatime meetings in government offices, or nasi briyani lunches for those meetings that happen to end just at lunchtime.
4. Cancel all trips for government servants to conferences overseas unless they return with full reports of what they did there, who they met and what they learnt and how they mean to apply what they learnt at home. Ask them to do presentations to colleagues who did not get to go, on the most interesting and important papers that they read.
5. Scrutinise invoices for contracts to make sure they are truly reflective of what those projects or supplies cost.
6. Stop elaborate launches for government programmes. In particular, stop the buying of souvenirs, special batik shirts, corsages, bouquets and caps.
7. Make all civil servants and politicians travel economy class. That means really travelling at the back of the plane and not buying full fare economy class tickets that allow them to be upgraded to Business Class.
8. Stop having the full complement of police escorts to cut down on petrol costs. If they need to be somewhere by a certain time, start earlier like the rest of us. Wouldn’t be a bad thing for them to also experience a traffic jam.
9. Once a week (or more), have ministers use public transport so they know what everyone else has to suffer. This might provide them with the incentive to improve them.

10. Once a week, let ministers go to a market to buy food for their families with instructions to not spend more than RM100.

11. Get ministers to carpool. They might get more work done just by being able to talk to each other to see what can be coordinated between their ministries. For instance, the Ministers of Health and Women could discuss what to do about women’s health issues in the car on the way to work. Maybe have a secretary to travel in the front seat to take down notes on what was discussed. By the time they get to their offices, things can get implemented.
12. Once a month, get civil servants to work with one disadvantaged group in order to be better able to appreciatetheir problems. It could be blind people one month, hearing disabled people the next, orang asli the following month and people living with HIV/AIDS after that. We could start buddy systems which pair one civil servant with one disadvantaged person and at the end of it, ask each pair to make recommendations on how to make life better for each other. This might get rid of the problem of desk jockeys, people who never stray very far from their desks yet make policies for people they know nothing about.
13. Have PA systems that shout out the name of the officers who have to serve people at government offices so that people get the services they came for and don’t have to keep comingback just because the officer was out having coffee. No counter should be left unmanned for more than five minutes before the officer is paged to go back to their stations. This should cut down waiting time for the public and save them transport costs in having to keep returning just to get one thing done.
14. Government officers who lose people’s files should be fined and have their names publicised for being careless and causingin convenience to the public. Instead of making the public travel to heir offices several times to deal with their problems, they should travel to go see their client and deal with it right there and then. And every officer who goes out of the office should be given a reasonable time to get his work done after which he is expected back in office so he doesn’t waste time doing something else.

15. And newspapers should save paper by reporting real news rather than non-news that they carry, particularly nonsensical utterances by politicians. As they say, we need to do this all together in order to make a difference. So if the Government and politicians make these lifestyle changes, I will do my part and change mine.

Thank You.
Marina Mahathir
antgelnich (Ants & Bees)
this is like hitting me on the nose. terasa lah sikit coz some that she mentioned mmg ive experienced and i somehow agree with her. a good start to let the poeple think & do something. i mean, heyyy we can always do it without kuih, elaborate launches, special souvenirs, shirths, caps and other goodies, kan...  and to limit the number of meetings/conferences etc outside... to use skype and chat would be too good to be true. good that it helps a lot but i fear of the meeting's end result more. heheh. kene change diorang punya mindset first.
and to let the civil servants to work with the people is good. i think JPA is doing it now where the young officers are asked to organize their own CSR...
but to completely stop having meetings etc. at resorts & hotels pun could have it's harm. so i guess we could start with the ones yang super easy like #2,#3,#6,#7 la. those are the things yang i feel dah patut di stop looooonggg ago.  #8 - #11 tu i'd love to see i done but not sure if it could :)


orked violet said...

super duper agree..! tp since sya keje in private sector, so maybe its hard for me to understand why most of gov servants suke buang mase, msk office Lmbt, goyang kaki, tibe2 emo, sound org (front line staff), or pLg xfaham when they look at us blankly when kite smiLE mcm kerang busuk.happened many times

Well, mende nih subjective kan..there are gov servants who give their best services to people as well kan..

so it is a matter of attitude sbnrnye..

tp great points!xtaw bLeh implement ker x..huhu

pjg mukadimah.hehe.BTW, sya br follow awk. free visit/follow la ye

Salam kenaL

maryaaaaaaa said...

hehe, im in the public sector so i kinda understand sikit lagah. but tooo many things pun kalau nk argue and discuss here. ;p

but true that mmg ade ramaaai lagi gov. servants yg very2 good in terms of their job.