Thursday, August 16, 2012

racing against time

lately kan...every morning i wish i can check off one or two things in my check list. not that i have any check list pun sebenarnye ;p haha. very bahaya kan xde check list. but penat lah buat semua benda ni :(

but alhamdulillah semua doorgift dh siap masuk box and ikat ribbon and tampal sticker. fuh. ade la around 70 glasses je yang x pack lagi sbb mak kata takut terlebih. ha. ha. ha.

so far everything is okay except a few glitches here n there and there's one major issue yg i really really hope dpt settle asap. mmg cross fingers sgt2 (>.<) talked to ecan pasal ni yesterday and he sounds annoyed ngan orang tu sbb dh promise and dh commit suddenly ade problem but but all will be well. insyaallah :)
.positif betul aku lately.

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