Monday, July 16, 2012

of another 46 days: my DIY invites

alhamdulillah. the cards for my mom's jemputan dah siap. jenuh dok ikat riben. 1000 cards. she wanted more so maybe tonight i'll print some lah for her. just in case she needs extra cards.
lagipun i need another 150-200 cards for my friends, colleagues and students :)

ecan's invitation card is in progress. hehe. even orang kedai pun pelik why we buat the card sangat2 lambat. nak buat cmne, mmg kami tak sempat. he was so busy and we did not even have a proper date for like months. jumpa pun just for lunch or dinner and that's it. busy sangat lah my Mr. to be ni.

and i think im not gonna have a weekend till we are done with the majlis bertandang (which is like 2 weeks after my side's reception. bestest friend is getting engaged a week after my nikah. another bestest friend getting married a week before me. ha ha. busiest raya for us dindas :)
(that's what us girls call ourselves. the dindas. my external sisters)

am planning to have my fb invitation end of this month. a bit late, i know. but i am too shy to put up the invitation yet. heee ;p
but will get the addresses to send out the cards from friends yang dh kawen early this year. hehe. x aci kan ;p

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