Wednesday, July 18, 2012

of cakes

a cousin of mine yang mmg run cakes&cookies business nak sponsor cupcakes for my hantaran & asked if i need help with the cake utk acara memotong kek. why help? coz i'm planning to ask her to just bake and ice the cake and i'll DIY the toppers. hehe. sebab dah ada idea how my cake should look like and i takut tak lawa sangat since this cousin bukan lah cake maker yang mcm cantik2 ala2 moden design dia.. bisnes kecil2 kat kampung je. but she bakes yummy cakes & cookies lah. just need more exposure with her designing & deco skill :)

emm, my original plan is to have the cake cutting session after akad nikah...coz i think it'll be more intimate. i mean, to have it with closest friends & family members je kan.. but the mother wants me to have it both after akad nikah & masa reception.

just so you know, i so so so so want a small & intimate akad nikah-cum-small makan2 right after and no reception for my wedding sebab dah ada makan2 after akad kan.heee. and everything should be in pastel colours. ini hanyalah angan-angan je lah memang tak kan dapat if u have a mother like moi. macam one of my friend kata, your wedding is actually your parents' wedding. if you wanna have yours, wait till your kids get married. ehem, maybe my kids in future i nak buat this kind of wedding je. hehehe.

mak said i should have it on the reception day juga since i x nak bersanding, so at least ada cake cutting session. apekahhh emakku ini (@.@) haha. takpe lah, layan je lah permintaan dia :) i think i can afford another cake for the cake cutting, insyaallah.

lagipun, both cakes i dah plan to be a simple 1 or 2 tier cake je :) so it wont cost much insyaallah. i dont want cakes yang very elaborate with details and more than 2 tier. reason is, emm...x suka byk2 nnt x tau sapa nak bagi makan. haha. koya tul. ramai je kan boleh makan kek pengantin. but i dont like sweets so x suka sgt makan kek. buat kek i sukaaaa tapi makan kureng sket. unless cakes yg x manis. so sbb pengantin tak suka makan kek, maka x payah kek besar2 bertingkat2. a simple one or two tier cake will do :) ok, fine. 3 tier pun ok lah kot takut karang ada kids or neighbours yang kempunan x dpt rasa kek pengantin. hehe.

emm, maybe i should ask her to bake me another 2 more cakes for the small dessert corner i'm planning to have. planning je. Insyaallah.

and mak dh asked me to cepat2 look for cake designs yang i like so that she can gv it to my cousin. so i quickly bukak folder cakes in my laptop and pilih pilih. rambang mata sebab i like collecting pretty pictures of things, places and food. (that explains the cakes folder i have in my lappy)

so here goes the cakes i hope my cousin can re-create or at least ada rupa sikit2 pun jadi lah :)
all pics are taken randomly from the net. mostly from pinterest ;p

let's start with the ones with flowers as topper dia

look at the one on the left je :)
ada pretty lace :D
and ruffless :D
just because the mother wants choc cake :)

and the ones with pretty heart shaped toppperssssss~

love the first and last ones with the heart shaped toppers :) but the middle one is the easiest to do kot... ;p

and the ones with flag/banner as topper
the same cousin made my cake for hantaran tunang like the one above ni. minus the flags. hehe, so i know she can ice the cake as i want it nanti :)

without any topper pun should be okay. hehe. just in case i dont have enough hands nanti, let the cake be bare je lah kot. or cucuk seketul dua fresh flower...or maybe sprinkle some edible glitters ke... hehe
super love the colour :D but tak nak the top tier tu..hehe

so maybe i dont have to buy pretty cake stand eh? heheheh.

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