Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ring holder ideas

am going to floristika this Friday masa lunch hour sbb my gps kata it is like 10 mins from the office. haha. i doubt that. dgn traffic nyeeee, tak mungkin 10 mins ;p was supposed to go last week but emm, what did we do last week friday eh? oh, makan2 at office and keluar makan2 lagi dgn kwn2 :D hehe. so i hope jadi lah g floristika lusa to survey & book flowers for the hantaran.

and while i was thinking bout my hantarans just now, teringat that i've always wanted to have ring bearer pillow to letak ecan's ring on the dulang. and since i'm too lazy to make it myself (plus i dont think i can jahit anything nice except jahit jelujur ;p ) so i went to check whether i can find one that i like (and i can pay, of course) kat but but when i saje2 google other types of ring bearer/holder...banyaknyaaa ideas :D heheh. and the best part is, they can be diy-ed. heheh.

and i remember i do have some stuff at home yang can be used to make the ring holder nanti :D yayyy x payah beli the pillow. hahah.

i shall put some that i like so that i can look back & think if i decided to change my mind later ;p
mostly memang can be handmade kan. using things we have at home :) small saucer bowls/dishes, wood boards, books, small hay stack, bird nest, small antique car etc.

lucky i decided to google for ideas before i click "buy" kat etsy tadi. hehe. and here's what i was contemplating to buy kat etsy tadi... tapi tak jadi sbb got other idea. so now i dah tak completely sold on the idea of using pillow. hehe

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teha. said...

aku suke yg lori kecik warna putih. very different.