Monday, June 4, 2012

weekend and doorgift shopping

i dont normally hate monday except when i was working *ehem* in shah alam *ehem* the first quater of last year. nowadays, i only hate monday when ive been busy the weekend before anddddd if i have loads of work related things to settle on monday. like today. and just now ive got another one reason to hate monday. if it comes with a fever and flu. *sigh*

so last week were quite busy and...a bit emotional for me. a very very very good friend of mine is transferred to another department. (T.T) sedih gila ok. and that has left me alone. the only female pegawai in this super big department. (T.T) mana aku nak cari sumber rujukan lepas ni???? haish. nk meroyan pun xde geng dah.

.so that has led to the moody me last week.

but come weekend, mcm dh ok sikit. and ecan is suddenly in the mood for wedding prep. tiba-tiba saje. usually dia mcm malas betul nk amek tau hal2 preparation but last week sibuk lak dia. maybe because parents dia dh start renovate2 rumah etc. so dia pun ter-geared up skali kot.

so he went to get his glass jar + net pouch for his doorgift. and some things for his hantaran deco.

these big boxes are ours. atas tu plastik sape tah x tau tumpang letak. haha.

he bought this little glass jars 800 biji & silver/grey net pouch. his mama kata nk isi cookies dh order from her fren.
nasib baik i went there lepas settle hal2 rumah kat bangi hari tu. sbb the boxes and segala benda2 utk deco hantaran x muat in their car. haha. so some dimasukkan in my car.

and bila his mama tanya bout my doorgift & hantaran deco, mcm "err..err... ade la buat sikit2" haha. sbb mmg x buy ape2 pun lg except these white boxes yg now dh siap semua 1000 di lipat & di pack simpan elok2 :)
white boxes bought from Bagus Bakery
0.12 cents each.

so saturday ajak ecan g ikea nk survey ape2 yg patut. hahah. and found this one small REKO glass yg tgh on sale. dulu masa wedding my brother, beli gak for half of his doorgift but masa tu harga dia RM1 lebih sikit each. tapi now dia dh jadi 0.81 cents each :D happy gila. still dlm my budget. affordable & insyaallah org x buang if dapat nnt. hehe.
click picture to check harga dia kat ikea :)

but but but...

sunday abang, kakak & mak ajak terus g ikea to buy the glasses sbb takut habis. dh penat2 isi dlm trolley sebanyak 84 boxes (6 glasses in each box), tetiba mak terjumpa kitchen towel yg on sale jugak kat situ :D 0.65 cents :D hahah. terus tukar nk amek kitchen towel lak.
but we decided to take both. so the guest nnt akan either dpt glasses or kitchen towel; pluss some choc cookies sponsored by mak.hehe :)

alhamdulillaaaaaah. muraaaah sket. kuraaaang sket budget belanja beli doorgift. lol. kakak ipar siap sponsor sikit sbb nk tolong :)

ok, x dpt cari gambar kitchen towel kat website ikea sbb dh xde. (mak is in ikea NOW and she texted me just now telling "u know what...the towel we bought yesterday dh out of stock!. lucky semalam we bought terus kan") hehe. i dont know lah what mak is doing there at this hour today. sure dia paksa abah drive her there. and she told me "i've got things to buy". tu je. hmmppfffh.

and yesterday masa me & mak tgh sibuk mengira towel sbb nak amek a few hundreds kan... a lot of people stopped & asked nk buat apa byk2..ada a few makcik2 melayu ja yg tegur "ni mesti nk pakai kenduri ni.." hehe. and there's 2 ladies yg datang and tanya2 me and terus call sape tah suruh dtg cepat takut towel tu habis. hehe :D

but the towel is quite thick juga lah. nk compare dgn towel good morning yg nipis tu. and it's slightly bigger in size dari towel good morning. only available in white. i was looking for purple towel tp mahallll sgt so redha je lah with the white ones :)

so now, im left with the ribbons for the boxes je yg x beli lg. tq tag sticker dh siaaaaap :) DIY and print sendiri ja..simple2 design :D

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