Thursday, June 21, 2012

of ribbons & wedding favors

i need a lot of ribbons for the white box. i have 1500 boxes so i do need a lot. i wanted the boxes to be like the boxes below ni la lebih kurang... the thank you tags pun dh siap. DIY pakai microsoft paint and printed on simili sticker papers je.

but since harga ribbons kat craft shops near my house & after dh survey smpai ke nilai, rasanya the ribbons cost more than the boxes so i thought to use wrapping papers je to deco the white box.

from here :)
cantik gak. nampak simple & minimal, something i am looking for.

but then, my sister in law pulak kata siapa nk tolong potong/gunting the papers? since i myself pun busy buat tq tags la, wedding invitations la bagai. so back to using ribbons.

checked kat shops near my house, mostly ribbons 1/2 inch pun dh RM1.20 :( yg 1 inch lak RM3.20. so when i went to Nilai the other day teman ecan beli his doorgift, i thought dapat lah cari cheaper ribbons. hmmpfffh. sama je harganya. so i thought that's the standard price for ribbons.

so try google pasal where to get cheaper ribbons, sampai lah ke this one blog telling ribbons kat Sin Yin Semua House jual ribbons murah. the ones yg i need, (1/2 inch) cost only 90 cents! :D dh happy gilaaaa. heheh. tapi asyik x sempat nk g Sin Yin though my office hanyalah sekangkang kera dgn Jln. Tar tu..

hikmah asyik tertangguh beli ribbons is..finally jumpa kedai yg jual ribbons waaaay cheaper and the uncle tu baikkk sgt siap bagi diskaun sbb beli banyak :D

masa tu saja ajak mak singgah CT Handicraft, seksyen 18 masa otw home from mana tah. masa the eldest brother nk kahwin 2 years ago mmg byk beli from here. so saja nk check harga ribbons kat situ...
from top: 1 inch (if am x mistaken) - RM emmm forgottttt (-.-)" but trust me, cheaper than the ones u can buy in Nilai3.
1/2 inch - RM 0.80 ( buy in bulk and try ask for some discount ;p)
not sure the size - RM 0.40

ok. beli ribbons dh lamaaa sgt but forgot to jot down the size & price. dlm resit lak jenis xde tulis item so dont know the size. (-.-)"

the shop is near to Mydin Seksyen 18 Shah Alam. tried googling for some picture of the shop and the only gambar i get is from this blog.

address : No.7, Jalan Pinang E18/E, 40200 Shah Alam.
Contact: 03-55488828


Fathanah said...

hi boleh tau u bli the white box dkt mne? nak tau the price jgk hihi

Fathanah said...

oke da nmpk ur previous post. thanks!

maryaaaaaaa said...

:) sorry g kursus seminggu without internet connection last week. hehe.