Wednesday, June 20, 2012

of the invitation

am now in the process of printing the DIY invitation. super penaaaaaat (-.-)"

a friend of mine whose wedding is a week later than mine dah buat her fb invites. and that made me kelam kabut this morning terus immediately buzz lene kat fb and ask her to pm me once she's up. haha. nasib baik la akhirnya rasa better sbb i think maybe once ive done all the printing baru buat kot... sbb i dont hv the card yet.. nnt x tau nk pos apa when people started to gv me their addresses. hehe... paranoiiiiid betul la i nih.


BIE said...

sokey maryaa.. janji berbaloi.. goodluck dear.

salam perkenalan drp B2B juga :))

hope dapat share mcam2 nanti

maryaaaaaaa said...

Hi Bie :)

thanks. good luck preparing for your big day jugak! :D