Monday, June 11, 2012

borong kertas for the wedding invites

last weekend started very early as i was afraid kedai kertas yg nk g tu tutup awal since they said that they're open halfday je on saturday. since last week konon nk g masa lunch hour asyik x jadi je. so last sat. we went and get all the papers :)

but i think im gonna go again to get more papers. sbb i forgot to take into account the number of cards yg maybe terkoyak ke, tersalah punch ke, tersilap print ke, tertumpah air ke semua. heheh.

dari bulan January dok berdolak dalik whether to order the card or diy or design sendiri & hantar print...and finally ive decided it'll be a fully diy-ed card. lagipun mak dh bising sgt coz takut lambat siap card.

and selepas penat meng-google where to get good papers in bulk so that i can save cost ;p, akhirnye ke brickfields juga. so planned to go masa lunch hour since my office pun ala2 sekangkakng kera je but asyik x sempat je. anyway, i am thankful for Hidayu's post bout her DIY wedding card. mmg totally depend ngan dia. there's a few other blogs yg cerita pasal cheaper papers for diy wedding cards but too far lah the location.
le map. from Hidayu's blog juge.

and disebabkan dh byk kali lalu jln brickfields tu, so mmg confirm x sesat :D sekejap je terus jumpa rows yg byk kedai2 paper & printing company. jalan2 survey2 and pilih2 and bayar2. and alhamdulillah mak nk sponsor envelopes. hehe. i was thinking of buying the envelopes next month tp mak dh baik nk belikan, amek sajo~

so far for my diy kad kahwin, ive bought 400 tracing papers & 400 180gsm ivory card. that'll make 1200 cards. my parents nak 1500 minimum sbb last 2 years masa abg kawen 1200 cards x cukup. (hmmppfffhhh. satu kampung dia nk invite gamaknye)

and budget lari sikit sbb dulu plan nk pakai 160gsm je but masa pilih2 mak suruh amek 180 gsm. tp sikit je la larinye. and i pun gatal nak ber-tracing-paper sangat, so up sikit lg cost. but buying tracing papers kat sini mmg quite cheaperrrr than what ive surveyed. survey online je pun hehe ;p but still, x la mahal sgt mcm the quotations i got if i requested for the design i wanted tu :)

printed the samples for the family and seperti biasa, mcm2 diorg nk tokok tmbah. and i think, the most difficult part in diy-ing my kad kahwin ni is, the MAP. (T.T) mmg letihhhh. asyik ade je salah sana sini. and yesterdaaaayyyy, the other brother asked to include SKVE highway pulok dah dlm map. grr... jenuh nk mengadap Visio lagi..

i hope i can managed to print at least 300 by saturday morning (besar gila angan2) sbb weekend the girls and i are going for a short break and diorg dh ckp nk tolong rewang. hehe. xkan nk angkut kotak2 doorgift and the glasses mintak tlg diorg buatkan cards je kot :D and as for the doorgifts, later la ajak diorg dtg rumah rewang. hehe.

syok je ramai kwn yg rajin tanya bout ur wedding pred & offer to help :) dulu pun masa one of us got married kitorg mmg me-rewang sama2... :) definitely helps me to stay calm jugak lah sbb i know i have people i can trust to help me. heheh.

I am now left with just another 11 weekends (tak tolak lagi weekends yg mmg totally x bole do anything) and i think i need more than just an 11 :(


ina said...

dh print ke blum ja? nk rewang!!!!

maryaaaaaaa said...

dah siap naaa~ hehe.