Monday, May 14, 2012

the sacred room. bedroom.

sacred because i dont normally go to other people's house and check their bedroom. not even on their wedding. my bilik tidur, to me is my sanctuary, a place where i keep things and expect no one to sibuk-sibuk unless you are a close friend. heheh. and yes, i am the kind of person who thinks that it is not okay for strangers to come into my room. that is why i refused to have my bilik pengantin as mak reqested. i am super reserved like that. haha.

but, i think i have to give in lah. kesian mak dh sibuk nk jahitkan langsir everything. terima saja laaahhh. and so i think it'll have a super simple deco. and since im going to use the guest room saje, so ok lah. rumah kami semua bilik di atas. so xnk bagi ramai2 org naik tingkat atas, pakai bilik kat bawah saja. senang.

and by the way. what i did on weekend was not really productive. managed to kemas my room sikit and i think i have more reasons not to change room. my mother insist on me taking my parents' room for the wedding because she said it'd be easier for me and my husband. but but but, seeing the amount of things i hid under the bed (in big boxes)...i think i'd stick to my room je lah kot. malas gila nk kemas n pack everything. I am a hoarder but no, i think i'm fine with that for the time being. no help needed yet ;p heheheh.

thing is, i keep things just for the sake of keeping the memories. hahah. i still have boxes of ahem *stuff* from my school years. and everything yang people i consider special/close bagi, i'll keep them in boxes juga. even small notes. hehe. every time kemas rasa nk buang but then, rasa macam best pulak nak keep them all in one big boxes and one day (when i am much much older, with grandchildren maybe) bukak balik all the boxes and tengok one by one. heheh. yes. itu lah dia yang menyebabkan saya jadi hoarder. eh, but not everything lah. i occasionally open the boxes and sort things out. and everytime buat cmtu, akan ada byk juga lah yang end up thrown in the basket. so makin lama makin kurang. but if something is still there, the person yang bagi tu should be proud laaaaa sbb i still simpan ok :p

and i have 2 big boxes of books yang i sayangggg sgt2. books from high school (ada a few from sekolah rendah ok... like buku books. hehehe) and most are books i used masa zaman undergrad & postgrad. sayang kot nak bagi orang or jual or buang. banyak kenangaaaaaan. ok. belum tgk boxes of art papers/pencil colours/cards/wrapping papers/crayons/etc that i bought just because they are pretty (T.T)

so that has led me to start dreaming of the kind of room i wish i can have. hahah. well, a girl can always dream kan.

since the katil & almari are already dark brownish, and the cadar is somewhat off-white...hmm

something i took from kerawangklasik. this is a pic of one of their pelamin but i want to have the same kind of langsir to cover the room nanti. if i get to re-paint the whole room lagi better. hehe. we'll see. if not, dh mintak tolong mak untuk jahitkan the langsir to make the backdrop.
from misi 5 april. cadar katil is the same colour like the one in this pic. but the langsir i have in mind should be slightly lighter in colour. emm, am thinking of off-whitish-creamy colour kot. maybe a tpuch of yellow or purple. heheh.

taken from
yep, something like this (the langsir background tu) emm, minus the flowers on it.

.i wish. i wish. :)

but emm, since this is not in the list until only recently...maybe i'll have to just re-use whatever i have at home and beli sikit-sikit deco like lampu, candles or flowers. or if i can find anything easy on the wallet. hehe. we'll see lah how...

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