Tuesday, May 8, 2012

of life recently

  • I think i am in a love-hate relationship with my diy veil. how meh? kejap rasa suke kejap benci kejap nk buat baru, kejap rasa boleh tahan. haish.
  • had a super busy weekend again last week being the mother's driver sbb abah xdok and yesterdayyyy balik kerja paling lewat dalam sejarah (T.T) dhlah perut kruk kruk and no cafe around yg still open. nasib baik found oreo dlm beg. sampai2 rumah terus rasa nk tidurrr but kena siapkan report dulu. double the (T.T)
  • am currently craving for ikan bakar & sotong bakar & sotong celup tepung. grrr. rasa cam nak g umbai lagi je.
  • me & ecan are planning for a short getaway after the wedding since plan honeymoon have to be postponed to next year. somewhere nearby je kot. eh, postpone la sgt. mmg we plan to go next year pun sbb end of the year x best musim dia. heheheh. berangan je dulu~
  • Mak & Abah still xde news bila flight haji diorg. she checked with tabung haji and the earliest flight this year would be 17th sept insyaallah. soooooo am quite scared they both penat sgt from the wedding terus nk berangkat. hope for the best je lah kot skrg.
  • aaand i am super duper scared for end of this month, ada 1 appointment utk blood test the other day :( eh, x scared sgt. more to risau. sbb takut ada complication in future nanti. haih.

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