Monday, May 14, 2012

mundane monday


i wish i can take my cats to work. it'd be fun to have the cats playing around while i sip my milo panas and surf the net. eh? haha.

geng masam-masam manis ramai xde kat ofis today so boooorriinng sgt. and i still have not finished my task. penat lah fikir cmne nk buat keje ni bos oi~ to hv to finish something started by someone else is no fun. especially when it is something i know nothing about :( and the person i can refer to pulak not in today. double the frustration. nasib baik bukan kene submit tomorrow. lalala.

so this is what i did just now. just because i am super duper bored. i can no longer menghadap the papers i am supposed to finished already. (and it is only 3.47pm????) hmmppfffh.

got the giraffe emm from somewhere-i-cant-remember now. sorry!

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