Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a marriage more beautiful than the wedding

meet the atuk&nenek :)

been married over 50 years, and still in love (despite the constant cute complains they gv about each other lah kan. cute sbb they both have tons of complains about each other that we, the grandchildren kena dgr everytime visit diorang. hehe)

and i hope to have the kind of love they have. to be able to survive long years of being together. insyaallah :)

an old candid of us. whatever past 1 year is old to me ;p

yesterday marks the 1460th day we both agreed to take things further. to promise the best we can for both of us. agreed; because that was what i said. i said we should try and see how it goes. and he said okay. didnt know it could last this long, though :)
hence, the 7+4.
met 13 years ago and be friends for the last 11 years. took us 7 years to finally take things further. alhamdulillah, i think i am now ready to be with this man for better or worse :)

p/s: no more doubts, no more questions. He knows best; so let's just enjoy the ride and pray for the best

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