Thursday, May 10, 2012

i cried

watching this video.(link) i know that God doesn't give special kid to just anyone. you have to be special to be given that special child. and watching this, reminds me of my mother. for having a special child, she is one special mum to me :)

gonna ask my brother to watch and paksa him peluk cium mak malam ni.

my brother is special :) he was born with hearing difficulties. my mother was informed of this and doctors advised her to abort her baby but she refused. once born, the she was asked whether she wants to keep the baby or send it to jabatan kebajikan. Mak told me that she felt like slapping the nurse & doc yg ask her that question. but she was too weak masa tu baru bersalin. and for 13 ke 15 years(i forgot), mak, abah & all three of us berulang alik ke PPUM (dulu was HU) for his therapy. we stopped because his therapist migrated to Canada sebab frustrated with the government when her effort to get help for the disabled was rejected. kesian Dr. tu... she worked so hard minta this and that for those special people tapi tak dilayan.

he was offered a place in an MRSM in Terengganu when he was 16. i can never forget how proud mak was masa tu :)

a son yang no one percaya can even be someone useful. a son yang was rejected by soooo many primary schools. forcing my parents to begged the guru besar. till today, mak sometimes told me that she can never forget the words yang this one guru besar told her. "anak macam ni mana boleh biar sekolah sini. xkan jadi apenye. ape yang budak macam ni boleh buat? hantar je lah sekolah khas. biar belajar kemahiran je." but she wont take NO for an answer. so she went to pejabat pendidikan semua and begged. alhamdulillah he was finally accepted.

lepas UPSR, he was offered a place in this one boarding school. but again, the school refused to take him in. i still have the image of my parents crying & my brother crying, marah2 merajuk dalam toilet sebab the school xnak accept langsung even dah rayu. he was so excited bila dpt tau dpt masuk asrama, siap belajar cuci baju sendiri pakai tangan, iron baju sendiri etc. but again, he was rejected :(

mak pujuk my brother and so he went to a school nearby, keep making my parents proud sebab asyik dpt best student and alhamdulillah, his PMR was 8As. mind you, we are from a place yang considered rural at that time and to get straight As in exam mmg tak ramai and with his we were very very very very proud of him lah of course kan. and this was also the year he was offered to be the first in Malaysia yg pasang cochlear implant. dapat sponsor lah kiranya since ni first time in Malaysia. mak & abah biarkan him to decide and selepas a few days, he said no.

This time, mak & abah x mention langsung about his hearing problem sampailah after the registration. only then they call his appointed mentor (mrsm ada sistem mentor-mentee kan) and told her of his condition. alhamdulillah the teacher, cikgu Asni sangaaaat understanding and said she'd try to help my brother and sorokkan this thing from the pengetua. the next day, (were staying at my aunt's in Paka) cikgu Asni called and said the pengetua was angry and ask her to call my parents. mak cried. me and my second brother didnt know what to do. so mak & abah went to the school and begged the pengetua to let my brother stay. mak pernah bgtau, "x ada mak yang sampai hati nk biarkan anak dia sedih bila ape yang diharapkan x dapat. mak x sampai hati nk tgk **** kecewa lagi).

alhamdulillah, with cikgu Asni's help, the pengetua agreed to let my brother stayed for trial. he said that cuti pertengahan tahun if my brother couldnt fit in or do well, he has to leave. but Allah has better plan :)

masa orientation week, during this one 'guru besar-pelajar' session, the pengetua asked the new students to draw his face. and he was so surprised my brother punya drawing sangat2 macam real. (he was gifted with a very good drawing skill. and my parents pun mmg enrol him kat drawing/painting class since he was young) terus lah pengetua tu suka dia and accept him. he called my parents and told them that he was surprised that my brother can communicate mcm orang lain and he was even more surprised seeing his skills :) (heyyyy, abg aku tu mmg la communicate mcm biasa. hearing impaired x semestinya pekak & bisu. haishhhhh -_-")

mak & abah went to visit him as often as they can. kami dua beradik yang kat rumah ni syok la dpt ikut berjalan. heheheh. and everytime my brother tu call bgtau x sihat or anything, terus zassss, amek cuti, beli tiket bas (if kami anak2 x ikut lah) or siap2kan beg n kereta nk g terengganu. if my brother's hearing aids ada problem lagi la kalut my parents...

alhamdulillah, he is now happily working, graduated with a degree in both Architecture & computer science. and oh, happily married too :)


Anis_Apis said...

i cried reading this. proud of ur mom and ur family too. so strong!!! and to ur bro, he is one of the living proof that people with disability can do better.

dalila said...

sebak nye baca ur impressed with ur brother and the effort that ur mom did to give the best for him.

maryaaaaaaa said...

Anis & Dalila: :) wrote this just sebab tiba2 teringat diorg berdua. hehe.