Thursday, April 26, 2012

wish i have

a few more minutes to 1 and i am wide awake. i hope i wont be late tomorrow. nangis laaa kalau lambat :( and whyyyy cant i make myself sleep ni. hujan selebat2 alam and dh lewat sgt2 but cannot sleep. ughhhh. hilang nikmat tido sekejap. haish.
i remember when a friend told me that she gets annoyed when at home since everyone is talking and planning the sister's big day. i can understand that sometimes, too much of talking bout the big day can be annoying. but i know that at least, the sister is happy knowing that she got all the support she needs in preparing for her day. and she, at least have people with whom she can talk to about her plans and bla bla bla for her day. i mean, people yang she knows can be/should be genuinely happy listening and entertaining. compare that to a girl slowly feels so alone in all her preparation. yang always dont know who should she go to when she needs help with anything since whenever she tried to, no one bothers to listen. u know lah kan when people don't seem to be interested and me, whenever i sense that, i'd seriously stop trying. and let be. sensitive? yes but i just think that it's ok la kot. malas panjang2 cerita. and seeing that no one is like asking or checking lagi lah lonelynye rasa. it would be a bonus if she has friends yg at least can understand the need to sometimes talk to someone about something as big as a wedding, know to sometimes check with her the preparations and would listen, help and bagi la sikit opinion, moral support bla bla bla. bottomline is, it would be good to have (honest, genuine) supportive family and friends (at all time, would be the best). planning something big without any help is not easy. like, really...planning it from A to Z. and double that if u have to do it for both sides. it really takes a lot of my time and seriously drain my energy.not to forget, the bank acc is getting thinner lah kan. how i wish i have sisters to help. or at least sisters i can share things to begin with. it's not like i'm the only child pun. but being the only daughter, sama je lah kot. brothers are not like sisters. no, i'm not generalising, so if yours are not, alhamdulillah. sgt2 alhamdulillah. yes, they do help sometimes but i wish they could do more. just like what i did and would do for them. and having a super busy parents is not helping either. u know, doing things all alone isn't bad but sometimes, a little help would mean a lot. sigh.

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