Thursday, April 12, 2012

last weekend

was spent with the girls. a super short break sbb gerak lambat (my bad.heheh), smpai lambat and balik awal. eheh. looking forward for the next one :)

from our balcony. lepas puas main kolam. they all swimming lah, saya main tepi2 saje ;p

the morning after :)

this, plus 2 other plates of sotong & udang. kami check2 balik, rupenye we ordered for 8-9 people punya portion tapi kami hebat habiskan semua

went to this one big bundle shop and found a pair of kasut for me :) belasah je la..RM5 je pun. leh jd extra kasut kerja letak dlm kereta in case ade function/meeting luar yg selaluuuuu je terlupa bwk kasut :/

and i've finally decided to let go the offer from UPM. soooo, i guess i'll be at KLIA this weekend with ecan. and an extra cuti for me sbb dh ter-apply cuti on friday for UPM tu. life's good. alhamdulillah. am now back on track. :)

pssst... good luck parenthood. i guess it's for the better kan ;)

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