Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a happy me

am thinking of adding some pearl beads here :) or patch the balance of the laces ke...

oh btw, the lady i met at this one shop told me that the colour is apricot. ahah! still, somewhat a yellow hue kan.. haha. me and my yellow theme. sorry ;p i have had this vision of a yellow hues (with some other colour lah, of course) for my solemnization so yeah, it kinda stucked in mind. mcm dah terus believe that it'll be yellow. whatever i see pun mcm "ok la, yellow la ni" haha.. emm... but looking at it again, it's like a pale/light yellowish-orangish-brownish. ape-ape je lah. asalkan aku kahwin kaaaaan. lol.


cik puan husna said...

wahhh..cik maryaa ni rupanya b2b ye...mesti seronok buat preparation before kawin kn?apa2 pon, wish u all da best in life..and selamat memikul tanggungjawab as a wife.:))
if u need help about wedding preparation or anything, just let me know ya..

maryaaaaaaa said...

haha. yup2. found husna punya blog pun masa blogwalking cari2 idea kawen dulu. hehe..