Monday, April 2, 2012

a baby, girlfriends and some progress

this is baby yusuf :) and i'm a happy aunty
pic taken from his mommy's fb sbb x amek gamba masa visit baby yusuf haritu. definitely will go visit again and again and again soon. haha.

in the meantime, i've finally gunting the veil selepas sgt lama tangguh2 sbb takut tersalah potong lah, tergunting kecik lah..hehe. with maksu's help of course. and we came out with the design as well. not as short as the one i've had in mind, but still a short veil with a twist :) sent it to kedai jahit tepi tudung this morning so that i can start the patching and beading soon.

some of the kain for bridesmaids have been collected. thanks to kenduri kahwin, weekend dinner, shortr oad trip etc., some of them dh dpt amek kain2.. and thank you girlfriends sbb x berkira utk top up sikit for the baju :)

everything has been booked and finalised except for pelamin for bertandang & printing for kad kahwin (Ayu, nnt eh email..sorryyyyyyyyy. hehehe) we are still looking & comparing designs and prices. bila lah agaknye nk finally ckp "everything has been booked and finalised." xde except except dah. haha.

Will be going to the kursus kahwin end of this month and insyallah settle the hiv test as well so that by next month xyah fikir pasal hiv test bagai.

anway, i've been playing with these whenever i have free time at the office. hehe. the lady has to take breaks sekejap selain dr siapkan kerja2 ofis.
am still not done sbb ada byk lagi template cantik2 yg tak di edit lagi. malam ni nak sambung lagi lah. hehe... got the templates from dryicon btw :)

edited 4th April 2012: IDK y br perasan the ones yg letak kat blog obvious gila copy paste nye. the ones yg dh siap print nk bwk tunjuk kwn2 ok je lak. ooooo ok2. now i remember. gune different setting utk save to pc. x kisah lah. asalkan the ones yg printed cantik sajeee....

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