Monday, March 26, 2012

an update: on wedding

here's a quick update for the wedding prep:

OP: Hanif Razak. he's currently offering a rpomo of rm900 for nikah & sanding + free pre/post wedding. go check him out.
God knows how many Ops ive approached for their quotations etc and i've had 2 yg seriously we both dh considered nak hire for the wedding but some things happened (and surely lah kami dua bergaduh sikit sbb x jadi amek sbb benda2 bodoh yg not worth mentioning here pun. some close friends tau lah what happened) but ive always believed (and i still am!) that when something doesnt go your way, relaxxxxxx. Insyallah semua akan ok nanti. and usually, it's for the better Insyaallah.
so. orang selalu kata, kalau dh jodoh, smooth je semua urusan. and that's what i feel when we booked him for the photo package. alhamdulillah finally found one that suits our budget for our 2 days event. nikah & sanding for the bride's part sahaja. rumah ecan, kwn dia yg jd op :)

OV: Anwar Artwork. am not sure how much will it cost now since ive booked him waaayyy earlier. but trust me, it is worth checking for those wanting a cheaper wedding.

Wedding Dress & Pelamin: Kutiq Andaman. butik ni i think dh exist since i was still in school. haha. mmg i think people around my neighbourhood pun sure dh familiar with them. and alhamdulillah sgt we managed to find one dress yg we both like. and mak pun approved. :)
but tgh gataaaal sgt nak order baju baru since kak ina from the butik told me that i need to add like rm400 saje utk buat baju baru. but am x sure if sempat lagi atau x untuk request baju baru.
we both amek pakej utk both bride & groom's reception kat sini je. except pelamin for his side. it's cheaper that way lepas we calculate everything. and i still couldnt believe the total spending for the wedding dress with full accessories, make-up, pelamin, bantal nikah (my side) & make-up and dress with full accessories (his side). maybe sbb kat kampung that's why affordable je price dia. tapi ape2pun, alhamdulillah, within our budget.

Nikah dress (both me & ecan): maksu. she's a tailor. and memang ambil upah for baju pengantin pun, but saudara2 n kwn2 dekat saje sbb dia home based saje. she'll sew the dress and details lain usually her daughter, my cousin yg take over. hehe. and now my DIY veil tu ade gak kdg2 rasa nk mintak my cousin tolong je. hehehe. she's really2 good with manik2. unlike me. hehehehe. selama ni pun if me & mak ada baju2 kosong n rasa nk touch up, mmg hantar ke dia saje...

Shoes, shoes, shoes: Im thinking of using my own shoes for both nikah & reception. lebih selesa and lepas tu boleh pakai lagi :) still x jumpa lagi yg berkenaan. xpe, another 5 months lg.

Khemah (and pinggan mangkuk, kipas berwap.hehehe etc) & Catering: Khemah is from SJ Canopy. a kampung-based canopy service je pun.. got an affordable offer since rupa2nya, the owner is my atuk's niece&nephew. heheheh. alhamdulillah, it is way cheaper than the one we had for the eldest brother last 2 years.
Catering is using abah's friend. he is kind enough to gv us special harga rm5 per pax (2 nasi, 3 jenis lauk) :) thanks sgt2 ye pakcik....

Doorgift: so far, this is the biggest headache. haha. mak keep on changing her mind when it comes to what to put inside the paperbag. haiyaaaaa.... but we have had a few suggestions je...cuma to finalize je yg susah. hahahah.

MUA for nikah: I have 3 that i've shortlisted and am going to discuss with mak & my "kakak2 bridesmaids" yg lebih arif about makeup..i hope by this week dh dpt decide & proceed with deposit to lock the date lah. and the MUAs in my list pun semua within our budget gak. around rm200-300 saje :)

Kad kawen: the draft is ready :) thanks to suraya. geli lak panggil suraya. hahahaha. so now nak kena cari tempat untuk print saje... i hope i can send it for printing by may so i can have it at least by June (end of june la kalau boleh) so that i can bring them to the buka puasa gathering in July/August.hehehe senang sket nk bg by hand kat kwn :) yg x sempat jumpa, pos saje la..

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