Friday, March 16, 2012


dont get me wrong. it's okay to show some love in public. but too much; then it's PDA. especially when you can simply call/text you other half. sesekali tu, nampak sweet lah. tapi byk2 kali sgt mcm over je...

and i seriuosly dont get it. do girls really have to tell everyone that they still have boys going after them knowing that they are engaged, to be married? do they really have to let others know that boys still want to ask them out (knowing that the girls are taken)?
no offence but... i wont marry a girl like that.
yes, the boys are stupid to ask you out but you pun x perlu kot announce and be proud when people ask "serius ke diorg ni x paham2 ke ko dhnk kawen bla bla bla". omg.
spare you and the boys the embarrasment please. jangan terlalu bangga and perasan bila ramai peminat. dh la awak tu memalukan diri sbb mcm syok ramai peminat, awk pun malukan lelaki2 tu at the same time... kesian diorg rasa malu sbb awk malukan diorg. haih.

i wanted to post something about this on my fb wall, tapi takut pulak ade ramai orang terasa. so let it out here je lah...

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