Monday, March 12, 2012

a symbol of commitment & love

i dont know when did i start having so many vintage & unique pieces. only realized it when i was cleaning my dressing table a few weeks ago when i found so many rings, bracelets and necklaces. sorted them and they are now in little boxes waiting for me to buy them a jewelry box which i dont think will happen anytime soon, considering the super cerewet me when buying things. hahah.

just that it's not easy looking for a jewelry box that i like... or when i do, i simply refused to burn a hole in my imaginary wallet. ahem... (i still havent got myself a new once since i lost mine last month. sebabnya...x jumpa yang berkenan. hish. when u want something really bad, u can never find one that u like kan...but when u dont plan to buy, masa tu lah semua pun rasa cantik nak beli)

but... i dont think i've ever worn them or maybe ade a few je yg pernah pakai once or twice. but i bought them coz they are pretty anyway. bkn nk pakai sgt pun.

anyway... the search for the eternity ring wasnt easy. so, can i please have my ring like any one of these pretty babies? hehe. we've bought mine but it wont hurt to add another one kaaan... kaaannn. haha.
this is so far, the one i love the most. heee

if i cant have the former, i want this. :)
or.. this one. emm..these are earings but would still look pretty as a ring :)
stacking rings. cantik :)
diorang ni mcm possible untuk dicari for a 916 kan... and yes, cantikkk..well, in my eyes lah. :)

anything with butterfly is always a YES. heheee
they are pretty too. for stacking :)
would love this one. only a lil' bit more so it can wrap around the fingers :)

can they be considered too? haha. or or... i can always have another ring kan... a promise ring maybe. hehehehe
from here. looks like the one we bought the other day. only slightly fit my chubby finger hehe :)

still in love with my engagement ring though :) a small white gold solitaire. heheh. though someone-whom-i am-not-particularly-close once commented "keciknye. mintakla cincin besar sket bling2 dia mcm aku punya ni weh", i know mine cost more than yours, darling. small, but at least it comes with a certificate and all. and i still love it more than i would love yours. :) so, ade aku kisah? pelik betul bila ada org nk compare2 cincin. nk compare pun, dalam hati je sudah la ye.

it feels nice kan when we finally found that one ring yang kita betul-betul suka for the big day. heee~

pictures are all from google & pinterest.


FY said...

my engagement ring bentuk bunga..i love it damn much!

maryaaaaaaa said...

suka flowery ring jugak! :D cantik kaaaan... hehe. anything flowery & butterfly are pretty to me. lol