Wednesday, March 14, 2012

shots of funny things. eh, sappy things.

Dear future husband,
on me.the lady cat
i promise this wont happen if you build me the cat house i've always wanted :) heee~
please ignore my mom's rule and let the cat sleep with us once in a while :)

do understand my cats. and the scars i have here and there :)

while driving;
and for us;
surprise me, baby :)
especially when we're watching tv together. haha.
you should consider yourself warned ;p
understand (coz i know we might not be able to share them) my worries (for the kids) and make sure we don't screw them up.

help me in getting this, i'll love you forever. haha

all pictures are from pinterest, squidoo and cat versus human :)

1 comment:

ina said...

Cantek gle2 library dlm umah ni. Klu umah ko cmni, mmg aku lepak umah ko jela :-)