Wednesday, March 28, 2012

i hope i can hand sew

well, haven't done with the button monogram but still, i think i hv to start on the veil jugak. kot2 x menjadi, i still hv time to make a new one or mintak tlg my cousin je.

I have limited time to do it and know that if i am ever going to have a DIY veil, i'll have to start early. even a month pun i dont think i can have it done. i might prolly have lost it and nangissss since the sewing all the details of beads and laces part could be tedious and boring. so i need to start early. eh but i too, know that the end result is worth it (i hope. hehehehe)

i've bought the material last weekend and the patch lace as well kat jakel. not sure if the lace cukup. if x cukup, will hv to beli lagi lah kot. hehe.

but am not going to have a heavy veil. just a bit of lace here & there and harus ada pearl beads :) am a sucker for pearls. haha.

and the veil is going to be a shoulder length. maybe shorter. haha. i dont know, i just love seeing brides with short chiffon veil.

and the mother doesn't really approved of the shoulder length design at first, she said that a pretty veil should be the fingertip length veil. but she said okay anyway. ha ha.

me thinks they look pretty :)
all images are googled

let's hope i can magically have good sewing skills. sewing mojo come to meeeee.... hehe.


teha. said...

corak kucing tak leh ke syaja. heheh.

maryaaaaaaa said...

and that, gv me an ideaaaaaa