Sunday, March 11, 2012

for the girlfriends

this was actually done last weekend. i finally brought them so that i can bring one when i visited a good friend of mine yesterday :)

and im happy that she said the colour looks nice with the colour of my nikah dress :)
i was worried as this is seriously not the colour i was thinking before. ahah. i was thinking & contemplating different pastel hues for them girlfriends...soft pink lah, then violet, seal brown,greyish-purple, blue, turquise etc. when i finally got the coulor i really2 like; which is the greyish purple, kain pulak x cukup. demm... and so i finally decided to just go with carmine chiffon. my first thought seeing this colour is "merah bata" hahaha.

and i just bought the material that they can make for the baju part (the chiffon & lining) or they can also use the lining for kain sbb agak tebal gak the lining tu. but i would love it if they can get the fabric for their kain part themselves as i think i dont want everyone to look exactly the same. hehe.
this is for the mother of the bride and the sister in law. heheh. these are not kain pasang or kain potong2 btw. these are sarees :)
the sarees :) me and my mother, we love buying kain sari for our baju kurung. but i dont think many tailors are able to make baju kurung using kain sari ni. lucky maksu knows how to potong the kain and make 1 pasang baju kurung and another baju kurung without the kain. so i can always menyibuk with mak's kain and just buy another 2m kain for the kain. dpt free baju. hehe

bought them at kamdar klang. the day before, i went to kamdar midvalley with ecan as the week before, dh g survey ngan kak long and she said okay with the kain i chose. but ecan being ecan, ade je yang dia question and suruh fikir dulu. end up, we bought something else for the wed prep. haha. that's y the next day ajak mak g beli these kain sbb malas nk fikir lama2 nnt duit terpakai beli something else.

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