Sunday, March 11, 2012

#2 (another dose for my bucket)

am serious bout this :) heheh
my mother used to make me and my brothers grow our own veg kat sebelah our house ni. i had kangkung & kailan. my brothers did sawi, labu and i forgot. hehe. mak helped us to build the garden bed, of course. haha. sad thing that we had to call it off sbb one day tu our garden banjir.. ngeh. after the flood, semua org dh x semangat nk gardening lg. nasib baik sempat harvest and cook some of the sayur..excepttt the labu. kesiaaaan.

This time, a real place i can call my home :) where i can have a garden for my flowers and vegetables and herbs and for my cats to play hide & seek. i once talked to aleng, the architect friend about the house that i wanted to and she said she could help with it heheh. insyaallah.and it wont be a huge one coz i wanted it to be small, cosy and satu tingkat saje :)

we've done this so many times but i'd love to have another one before the big day. and hope to still have many more after the big day with the girlfriends. but...we've never had camping trip. haha. sounds fun but not sure if it's do-able ;p

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