Sunday, February 26, 2012

to make things bearable...

*went to the beach last week to play with the sand and catch the sunset.

and since i had the room all to myself, and scared to be left alone at times like this... i called jon and she came around midnight, with nasi goreng :D so i had her teman me smpai tertidur n we had lunch together the next day di tepi pantai. hehehe. thanks jon! nasib baik dia kata i have this poker face yang smpai nobody can notice if i did something the evening and night before. hehe.

* spent a day at the workshop to service the car. andd.... then found out something's wrong with the tyre. but x sempat to fix the tyre so have to send the car to workshop on saturday sbb risau nk travel jauh..
*play with ALL my cats at home to take things off my mind. a good therapy. :)
and thank god finally comot dh bagi we play with her kids. so possessive lah dia ni.. but, mothers are like that kan.. :)
cessst. x nmpk the kitty clearly. org suh amek gamba anak kucing, dia g amek gamba nk nampak semua (-.-)"

got to get myself busy and busy lagi if it ever cross my mind again. maybe that's y im thinking of having the wedding wayyy earlier?? hahah. i hope it can make me busy with real things rather than crying over the spilt milk. heheh.

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