Thursday, February 16, 2012

series of unfortunate events

i think february doesnt like me. heheh. this week is super busy. monday-tuesday ada cidb's event kat klcc. saturday another event jkr/kkr lak kat sg.besi. so thursday and friday pun sure busyyyyyy. (-.-)"

lost my purse yesterday masa nk check out from M.O KL. hish.. 5 star hotel pun leh jd cmni..dh la x nk membantu sgt org2 dia.. hmmm.

and to make it worst, nak buat report polis kat dang wangi pun from 2.40pm smpailah 5.30 br akhirnya my number punya turn. haish...

so i took EL on wednesday to settle hal2 JPN, JPJ, bank cards etc. alhamdulillah sempat buat all important cards/documents in one day. except the IC tu..have to wait another 3 weeks lah..

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