Saturday, February 11, 2012


These past two weeks memang sgt busy with work. (T.T) i hope it wont be this busy come august nanti lah...

managed to book bridal packages for both sides and the tukang masak as well as the khemah masa I took 1 week cuti the other day. but cuti rasa mcm x cuti as there were soooo many places to go and things to do.

and since i dh check byk bridal boutique idaman hati punye price range, some okay and some are wayy beyond my budget (T.T), this time i try check with bridal around my kampung ni je. and since kat kampung kan...memang terasa sangat beza harga dia. hehehe. but design2 baju & pelamin sure lah xleh lawan the ones yg mcm kat shah alam or KL kan.. but but but i got this good offer untuk design my own pelamin and found a dress yg i berkenan with a super cheap price. that should be okay for me :)

i planned to buat my baju sanding earlier since the design i have in mind mmg super simple and wont cost much but i was offered packages yg sangat2 murah and wayyy under my budget, so decided to take it je lah. the boutique even offered to charge me less if i want to make a new dress with them. am still thinking bout it. hehe. sebab dah jumpa this one dress yang masa 1st time tengok terus rasa "awwwwww" hehe. and me, ecan and mak went the other day untuk try the baju whether ok or not dgn our skin tone and size. the dress is seriously panjangggg and a bit bigger than my size but they said they can fix it to my size. just it will still be labuh since bride yg mintak custom made the dress is tinggi... but i dont minddddd coz this could be a good excuse nak beli kasuttttt baruuu. heheheheh. oh ecan sure bising i put his picture tengah try baju here.

and he decided to take the package for our bertandang juga. sbb kakak tu x amek transportation charge to sungai buloh since we dh kenal sgt2 lama and she's mak's friend juge.. :) so for both sides, we all just spent around 2k ++ sikit saje. alhamdulillah... and a bonus point is that they are willing to do pelamin yang i design on my own. yay! btw, she offered a good deal if i tetiba nak buat baju baru.. 450-500 saje :D

as for the khemah, dapat juga a good deal. i consider as a good deal sebab it's rm500++ cheaper than masa abang kawen 2 years ago. this time we pusing satu kampung g semua org2 khemah and survey. and decided to take SJ enterprise sebab they offer cheaper and ada FOC 1 khemah and rupanya they are my mom's sedara... hehe. maybe sbb tu dh murah kot. bila tgk schedule diorg, smpai ke bangi, sungai buloh, damansara pun diorg buat khemah. but not sure lah ade other charges or x. things we booked from them are:
1) Khemah tetamu (with kipas, scallop, kerusi balut, small centerpiece fresh flowers etc) -7
2)khemah pengantin makan -1
3)kipas air 6
4) kipas biasa -2
5) pinggan & cawan to top up mak's -800
6) bekas cuci tgn to top up mak's -around 15
7) FOC khemah sambut tetamu
8) dapur masak besar -4
9) periuk & kuali - x ingat berapa mak request
10)extra table for meja hadiah & candy buffet
tu je yg ingt setakat ni..

and mak have decided to upah a tukang masak rather than catering. ni pun sbb org tu yg advice mcm tu sbb our budget pun x byk sgt kan.. but his catering package pun mmg super cheap considering dia x provide pelayan (but pelayan i can always minta tlg my cousins pun..hehe) RM5 per head for 2 jenis nasi & 4 jenis lauk/sayur. memang la at first i nak amek catering terus. and the food pun mmg okay. i know that food dia okay sbb i g crashed 3 events yg dia cater sbb nk rasa lauk2 dia ok ke x. heheheh
ecan is taking his catering package for his side tp x call lg to update lauk ape dia nak org tu prepare. as for my side, mak upah dia masak saje. RM1k for 2 days.. and lepas kira2, brg2 masak semua mmg betul kata pakcik caterer tu, lg murah dari if amek package catering. baik betul dia sanggup offer utk masak sahaja and belikan barang2 masak guna harga borong dia :)

so far vendor2 yg dh booked for my wedding ni org2 area my kampung je so xde lgsung transport charges bagai. and since they all kampung based, mmg xde web or fb. except yang bridal tu mmg ada... hehe. now nak cari photographer pulak~ :)


ina said...

klu aku kawen, aku nk copy sume pakej2 ko amek tau :)

maryaaaaaaa said...

area rumah kau pun ade gak aku jumpe yg affordable na :) cepat aaaaa.