Monday, January 9, 2012

went to bangi last week to see some friends. haha. seronoknye lepak kat office lama on friday haritu. rindu sgt ngan kwn2 kat situ. sometimes i think kan, it was the best place to work..but they said things are different now..x tau cmne but diorg kata dh x best. but, where can u find a workplace yang the colleagues (though not all) treat u like a family~ haha.

and saturday pun went to bangi sbb ecan wants to check tempat exam dia for his paper tomorrow. he's on leave today katanya nk study for tomorrow. haha. i cant even help except doakan saje as i know nothing bout nuclear, atom bla bla bla.

btw, these are some pictures of my engagement album which i, DIY with the help of Phototalkz's software. bought the deal from milkadeal last year masa bulan puasa if im x mistaken. the pictures are not cantik sgt pun as we didnt hv OP for engagement. but i think this will do, saja nak simpan buat kenangan pun..
the picture x cantik sgt sbb guna camera phone saje.. and arrangement bila dia print mcm lari sikit lah..dunno why... tapi puas hati saje lah sbb byr pun just beberapa puluh saje.

as for the wedding, am still looking for an OP and OV (if ada rezeki) and last night ada ternampak this one contest... me & ecan are thinking of joining but x sure lagi. we'll see how lah. but if anyone interested, do like their fb account: eye lens photographick and join their contest ni..
try lah, who knows... rezeki :) me & ecan are still thinking.. sbb masa tunang xde gambar best. hehe.


dhiera said...

kite beli dgn photobook tapi tak buat lagi~ macam malas la pulak kan~

maryaaaaaaa said...

hehe. sama la.. masa nk buat tu br lah sedar yg susah gak rupenye nk edit2 buat photobook. patut la mahal kos nk amek OP. hehe.. cepat2 la buat... buat sikit2 everyday sure siap nnt ok~ :)

dhiera said...

taw xpe~ bile buat paham la kite kan~