Friday, January 13, 2012

RIP Tommy

I wanted to post something else but when Mak call and cried, i knew it would be my cat :(

tommy is gone. haih. sedih sgt2. kutip dia kat kedai runcit when he was only the size of my palm..n now, after 2 years dia dh xde.

you see, org tua-tua selalu pesan jgn jd terlalu gembira and excited melampau. something bad is sure gonna happen. and last night i went to IB for Awie&Ella's concert. haih. excited melampau smpai pagi tadi x habis2 pasal awie&ella...err, and edrie hashim ;p tiba2 mak called and nangis2 bgtau tommy dh xde.

if im in my bedroom right now, i'd cry smpai tertido. last night smpai rumah tgh malam just sempat panggil n kacau2 dia from luar cage je..haih. sedih gile. i hate it when my cats die. seriously i hope i can avoid any day yg my cat mati. :(

and i dont have any of his picture. sbb i was superstitious about taking cat's pic takut dia cepat mati. haih. padahal kucing2 lain kat rumah tu byk gila lak amek gamba..but with tommy, i was just being...careful. hmm...


Dell said...

sabar lah yang ...

Kite dah follow awaaaakkkk !!
jom follow kite balik jom .

maryaaaaaaa said...
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maryaaaaaaa said...

done :)