Sunday, January 29, 2012

on sunday morning

have decided on the colour of kain to buy for the girls but havent bought them yet. hope i get to buy it asap so that they can get it ready for the nikah. still a looong way to go but i dont want to trouble them by asking them to rush and jahit baju tergesa2... and i am now thinking of the three ladies who's always been there for me to be the pengapit. one for nikah, one for the reception and another for the bertandang. hehehe. and yeap, these three ladies are friends whom i dont always see, but i know they are always there when i need them :)

it's sunday. so, instead of making breakfast or going to to pasar pagi like the other normal sunday, i have my 'me time' today. no one is at home and i dont feel like going out on a sunday. haha. sunday is a rest day. aaaanddd i cannot wait for next week, monday-tuesday working, then i'll be on my leave wednesday-tuesdaaaay. hehehe. a lot of things planned to be done for the long leave im taking though :)

and so i googled and googled for inspiring life quotes. cis, i read and rely on a lot of positive quotes these days..dont know why but somehow they can make me smile and continue to be a lot more positive. yay. hey, dont judge. haha. am a pessimist trying to be an optimist. one of my 2012 resolutions. hehehhe.

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