Tuesday, January 3, 2012

of the new year

didnt do much on nye except for the family bbq at atuk&nenek's house last sunday. Ecan was there too. hehe. kesian he tried hard to fit in and end up tolong bakar ayam with my cousins. well, knowing him, mmg berat sikit mulut so ok lah if dgr dia komen sikit2 n gelak2 borak :)

ah, pandai cakap ecan. if i were to be at his family bbq pun i'd have a hard time too. me & ecan, we dont talk much. senang cerita, both are socially challenged lah kot. except when im with my closest friends and him with his japanese friends. tah pape. ngan kwn2 melesia kalau tgk dia, just akan gelak2 n dgr x ckp byk sgt but when ikut dia lepak ngan bos2 or officemate jepun dia kemain berborak. terus i rasa mcm org lost kat situ. hope our kids wont end up being like mummy & daddy lah.


and so while I was just lying there, waiting to sleep..some thoughts of 2011 runs my head.

#1st qtr: Start working at a new place, nearer to the fam's house and i get to wake up super late as the office hour starts only at 9am, sometimes.. at 10am ;p

#2nd qtr: ecan is finally home for good. stared our job hunting. well, i wasnt happy at the place i was working back then ;p aaanddd the first time we get to go out & hv fun to remember the day we start calling each other mine :) and oh, his first real job finally. and the only reason dia pilih that place is, so i can work with the japanese. xpe lah, at least..he can still practice his nihongo kot, and he's happier ;)

#3rd qtr: one step closer. the engagement finally took place despite the last minute preps and drama.. and yours truly starts her new job, at a new place...hmm, still unsure whether im happy with this or not. boleh x cmtu? hehe. and oh oh, one of the bff got engaged too :) and come 2012, we both will get married selang beberapa hari saje. let's see if we can get preggy & hv baby at almost the same time ke tidak. haha

#4th qtr: nothing big :) except the whirwind of events and stress that accompany the wedding discussion & prep. wel, i guess it's true when they say tidak elok bertunang lama2, nanti byk cabarannye. yep, so true. but xpe lah, we are taking things slowly kot. settle satu-satu. at least, he is. me, i hv to be byk2 bersabar lah kot for the time being.

though we both think that the way the new year greeted us these past few days wasnt as expected..haha. i'd like to think that the rest of the year will be nice to us. InsyaAllah.

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ina said...

hehe cutenye part nk pregnant sesame tu :)